January 10, 2017

Dear Love

Two years ago,
When I said back the word I love you.
When I'm still so dear to you,
When you do things you think you couldn't do.

Two years ago,
When we're too close and can't be part.
When our heart beat can't be count
When we sing the songs of our heart.

Two years ago,
Now it seem so long.
Now it may seem to be an ordinary song,
usual things you do, usual words you say
and nothing seems so special.

Two years had past,
But I'm still on the right track
I'd still love the one, you swore to love me back.
The One who won my heart
and The One whom I called Love.

Two years had past,
but I promise to love you more
even if sometimes you're hard and cold.
because I promise to be an angel
to the One who had lost his soul.

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