January 10, 2017

Dear Love

Two years ago,
When I said back the word I love you.
When I'm still so dear to you,
When you do things you think you couldn't do.

Two years ago,
When we're too close and can't be part.
When our heart beat can't be count
When we sing the songs of our heart.

Two years ago,
Now it seem so long.
Now it may seem to be an ordinary song,
usual things you do, usual words you say
and nothing seems so special.

Two years had past,
But I'm still on the right track
I'd still love the one, you swore to love me back.
The One who won my heart
and The One whom I called Love.

Two years had past,
but I promise to love you more
even if sometimes you're hard and cold.
because I promise to be an angel
to the One who had lost his soul.

July 7, 2014

Dear You

The first time we've met, I saw a different light in your eyes. I knew deep down in me it’s going to be something.

Then something turns into another something. Deeper thoughts together, funny conversations, secret dates, secret annoying term of endearments. Everything was secret. Even the two of us doesn't know what’s next.

Until, unsaid feelings existed. Unsaid feelings… Yes, they kill in a silent kind of way. I don’t know how to tell you, that I have fallen in love.

Then next thing I knew, it’s been almost three years. Almost three years hiding, hoping, waiting and… waiting.

Complicated, yes it is. Until I came to a decision, a make or break decision to tell you what I really felt. I took all the courage to tell you, I bought gallons of courage.

Unfortunately, you turn me down. You pushed me away and leave me hanging now.

End of the story.

June 12, 2014

Anong Zone Ka?

Na- SEENZONED ka na ba?

... yung nag- message ka sa kanya tapos nakalagay "seen" pero hindi sya nagreply. Ang sad diba?

Eh na- SIOPAOZONED ka na ba?

... yung binola- bola ka at asadong- asado ka naman.

o sino na kayang na- JOSHUAZONED?

...(Joshua ng PBB ALL IN) Yung pakikiligin ka muna, hanggang sa ma-fall ka at saka sya hahanap ng iba. Sakit ano?

eh ma-FRIENDZONED? Naranasan mo na ba?

... Yung friend mo na lihim mong minamahal, yung minsan akala mo mahal ka rin nya kasi sweet sya sayo, nagki- care sya, pero "friend" ka lang talaga sa paningin nya. May mas sasakit pa ba dun?

Bakit minsan ang kumplikado ng love? Gusto mo hindi ka gusto, gusto ka hindi mo gusto. Nakakalungkot para sa mga taong dinadanas ang mga ito.

Sana lahat ng ZONED na nabanggit ay maging katulad ng "SLOW DOWN SCHOOL ZONE", para meron kang idea na pwede kang masaktan.

SLOWDOWN wag basta magpapadala sa bola at baka ma- SIOPAOZONED ka.
at higit sa lahat SLOWDOWN sa pag- a- assume baka kasi ma- FRIENDZONED ka.

Eh ikaw na nagbabasa nito? Anong ZONE ka?

''LDF'' (Long Distance Friendship)


Four months after Blessie left the country for her Japan dream, finally we had the chance to catch things up. It was a fine Sunday night when I visited Kapatid ( Margel ) to their house, so we decided to call Chum ( Blessie ) on Skype.

Our convo lasted for about three hours and that was great. You knew it when real friends missed each other and catching things up turns into a riot kind of conversation.

Kapatid and I knew exactly what was Chum is going through right now. She just came from a horrible break-up with a guy she lasted for more than three years. So then our topic or I should say "hot topic" for the whole three hours convo was all about their break-up.

"#DeoBlessForever, as what I have said they've been together for more than three years, and for that years of up's and down's I was there. One of the witness of their love for each other. Actually, they're one of the couple that I really looked up too. I'm a fan, a solid number one fan of  #DeoBlessForever. Who would've thought that this almost perfect couple had their bad ending. I really got disappointed, I got hurt, yeah that's true. For a friend who cares a lot I think I have the right to be one of the most affected."

When Chum already narrated the whole story on how Deo cheated on her with all the evidences she got from Deo's facebook, oh my G! I must say she was unbelievable, smart and great! ( Sya na talaga, MONICA ang peg. )
Then I realized that Deo is weak and it is better for Chum to really dump him up. Two thumbs up for Chum and my middle finger salutes for Deo.

One thing I realized having a conversation with my girls, it doesn't matter how many guys comes in and out in your life, because great friends will remain forever at your side. No matter how far you are, remember " MAY SKYPE NAMAN" :)