July 7, 2014

Dear You

The first time we've met, I saw a different light in your eyes. I knew deep down in me it’s going to be something.

Then something turns into another something. Deeper thoughts together, funny conversations, secret dates, secret annoying term of endearments. Everything was secret. Even the two of us doesn't know what’s next.

Until, unsaid feelings existed. Unsaid feelings… Yes, they kill in a silent kind of way. I don’t know how to tell you, that I have fallen in love.

Then next thing I knew, it’s been almost three years. Almost three years hiding, hoping, waiting and… waiting.

Complicated, yes it is. Until I came to a decision, a make or break decision to tell you what I really felt. I took all the courage to tell you, I bought gallons of courage.

Unfortunately, you turn me down. You pushed me away and leave me hanging now.

End of the story.